The Coworking Project strives to be a comprehensive though curated list of coworking spaces in Berlin. Whilst this list is being sharpened along the way, the loose parameters are:

  • Openness: Possibility to walk in and start 'interacting' with the space and the community. This can be by starting a free trial day, hourly/daily packages, but also by being introduced to the space by a host or community manager.
  • Diverse community: Do the occupants of the space form a community with more than one type of people?
  • Space of interaction: Does the spatial layout of the coworking are encourage interaction and inclusivity? Based on the assumption that a coworking space is aimed at facilitating interactions between those who work in it.
  • Activities: Does the space host meetups, organise events, or otherwise have activities that facilitate the creation of communities?
  • Inclusive selection criteria: If the space has membership requirements, are those requirements inclusive and potentiall open to everyone?


If you feel that this list is incomplete, overcomplete or can be improved in any way — feel free to drop me a line and suggest how I can improve it.

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