Cowork Berlin is an initiative to give an easy overview of quality coworking spaces in the city. Since the rise in popularity of coworking spaces as a roaming ground for startups, digital nomads and freelancers, Berlin has been at the forefront of this movement, seeing spaces popping up all over town, from Wedding to Neukölln.

Born out of a frustration with the continuous claim of a "vibrant community" and "flexible workspaces", only to be met with a concrete room with some wooden furniture and some IKEA desk chairs, project initiator Daniel Swakman started to create a custom index of coworking spaces.


The definition is relatively broad and arguably continuously developing, but a coworking space should be all about the creation of a community of people that work essentially on different things but choose to work together and interact with each other in the process. Some people have wrote some good things about this, back when modern coworking was in its infancy.


I elaborate on that makes a Quality coworking space on the Criteria page.

The Coworking Project

The first instance of this coworking indexing was initiated in Istanbul.


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